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5 Ways to Tell Your Jade Bangle Bracelet is Real Jade or Fake Jade | Real Jade Jewelry

| Jackson Hunter

5 ways to tell if jade bracelet is real. If you have been thinking about buying this one of a kind lucky stone. Or if you had been curious about your jade jewelry collection. It would be great to be educated with some tools to identify them. Baikalla Jewelry.

We have summed up five easy ways to help identify. You can use these to identify jade when you are making your next big purchase. Or to determine what you have is real or not.

1: Feel dense to the hand.

Jadeite and nephrite jade are both dense to the hand. If you pick one up and it seems light. It might be a simulant like dyed glass or some random stone that looks like jade.

2:The color will seem natural.

This is a hard one, it sometimes takes a trained eye to tell the difference. But you can also do it. The color should rarely be bright green. If you see that, the piece is likely to be fake or treated. Unless it’s got a heafty price tag on it. Because the jade with a really vibrant colors will cost you. 

3:Examine the texture.

You should notice some color variations throughout the stone if the jade is real. On the other hand, fake jade may have perfect coloration or could have uneven consistency, meaning that it looks blotchy in spots.


The bracelet should feel cold to the touch. Unless it’s been sitting in a warm & bright jewelry case all day. 

5: Visit a trusted jeweler! (Like us!)

This one is pretty obvious. Now that you are armed with these tools to spot out the fake jade, it will help you next time you are shopping for a lucky stone. But all in all, you are not a professional... sorry not sorry. We are here to help. You can visit us. OR join Baikalla Jewelry’s facebook group  “the jade group” a forum for jade enthusiasts, where we can help you identify the stones further! 

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** If you have any questions about jade, please just feel free to let us know, we are here to help.