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RealJade® "Classic Bangle" Whitish green Natural Jadeite Jade Bangle (54.51mm) #499

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* DETAILS-- Genuine Burmese whitish light green lavender Jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelet. The jade texture is fine and translucent, with some patches of light green and lavender colors throughout. Just has some cloudy and a few natural stone lines. The Classic half-round style bracelet is comfortable. It's an affordable and unique gift for yourself or your love.

  • TW: 41.35g
  • Natural Burmese Jadeite Jade
  • Size: 56.27 * 46.65mm (Oval)
  • Whitish light green color, with a spot of red color (good luck meaning)

* Specifications: approx.
TW: 41.35g
Size: 54.51*46.65mm (Oval)
Thickness: 6.62mm
Material: Genuine Burmese Lavender Jadeite Jade
Width: 12.75 mm
Style: Princess Half Round Oval 

* Bangle Size: XL (60 mm -66 mm), L (58 mm-60 mm), M (56 mm -58 mm), S (54 mm-56 mm ), XS ( 50 mm - 54 mm ). 

* JADE CULTURE---Genuine Jade has been a symbol of luck, wealth, health, and protection in many Asian cultures for a very long time. Across the world, many cultures have treasured this gemstone for centuries because it is believed to bring the wearer wealth and good fortune. Also as investments and inheritance for generations to come.